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Band Bios

Cherry Bomb is:

jeff tokar

Jeff Tokar [vocals]

Jeff entered the arena of rock-n-roll during the mid 80’s as the front man of a band called “Felony” from NW Indiana.  Learning from his older brother, Dan, who was already playing the rock circuit as front man in various bands like “Brief Encounter”, “Runner” and “Rough Justice”, Jeff soon found his own spotlight when he joined an all original band in Chicago known as “Wicked Rhyme”.  These would be some of the most exciting and successful times of his career in music.  After his first son was born, Jeff brushed aside the serious music interests and settled into the role of dad, coach and president of a small union painting company but still jammed with fellow musicians on weekends and for parties. 


After a 15 year hiatus, the itch to return to the arena began to grow.  Thus, he began putting together a large scale cover band project known as “Cherry Bomb”, while being involved in another rock and roll project as front man of the UFO tribute band known as none other than “Lights Out Chicago”.  Jeff says the two bands compliment each other nicely.  Jeff’s passion for the “live” show can easily be seen by the smile on his face while performing.  His favorite quote: “Soon Cherry Bomb will be a household name”, and stating “Big and exciting things are about to unfold!”


carl rutherford

Carl Rutherford [bass + vocals]

Carl brings 30+ years to the stage with Cherry Bomb. Working not only in Chicagoland, but also the midwest and Florida with bands like "On the Take", featuring the Phoenix Horns with Grammy Award winning producer Tom Washington of Earth Wind and Fire, "Working Class" and "Break Away". Among his opening act credits are names such as Charlie Daniels, Roy Clark, Sawyer Brown, Lee Greenwood, Mel Tillis, Desert Rose Band and many others. "Working Class" was voted Band/Entertainer of the year in Chicago for 1996-1997. Carl's energy on stage and his unbelievable vocal range drive Cherry Bomb to heights that most bands only hope for. Buckle up your safety harness when Carl takes the stage!



tim donaldson

Tim Donaldson [guitar + vocals]

Tim fell in love with rock n roll at 13 and and picked up a guitar at 16 and never looked back. Attended college courses in music for theory and note reading which he applied toward becoming a full time guitar instructor at age 40. Tim also has done guitar repair, sales, taught classes and has spent countless hours recording studio work. But for Tim the most fun of all is when his Rock band is playing out live…Tim has hundreds of gigs under his belt and is very comfortable performing on stage…He loves to bring all his energy and talent to the show.

Tim has some 20 guitars 10 amplifiers and loves to bring all his energy to the stage for live performance.



tracy shepherd

Tracy Shepherd [drums]

Tracy comes from a musical family that includes other drummers so he grew up playing and studying drums. He gained his first professional experience at just 13 providing drums for small local musical theater productions. After playing his way through high school and college Tracy dove into the Chicago music scene working with bands of all types including rock, jazz, blues, soul/R&B and country. He's been privileged to work with many great area bands and artists and to play venues large and small throughout Chicago and the mid-west.